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Mr. Joseph Tetteh, the Director for the IT Directorate is responsible for the design, implementation, and direction of the IT policies strategy of the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation, promote the building of confidence and security in the use of ICTs in the Sector, and strengthen institutional capabilities and human resource capacities in the use of ICTs to facilitate delivery of quality services by the Ministry and as well manage the Information infrastructure of the Ministry. The Directorate is also responsible for supervising the development of frameworks to support the sector’s digitalisation agenda.


To support the management and convergence of information and communications technologies to ensure the development of modern ICT infrastructure.


The mission is to provide IT/IM personnel required to develop, deploy, manage and support Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and information and knowledge management systems and processes within the national economy arising from implementation of ICT platform for delivery of services.

Core Functions


The Directorate as part is mandate performs the following:


  1. Ensuring the development and the application of IT/IM standards and quality assurance systems in relation to the implementation and the deployment or rollout of IT/IM systems and resources within the Ministry.
  2. Reviews procedures, standards and guidelines to support the implementation of IT/IM systems within the organization
  3. Providing advice and direction on strategies for the identification, evaluation, selection and implementation of current state of the art technology solutions to support IT/IM initiatives of the Ministry
  4. Supervising the design and the deployment of IT/IM systems within the Ministry
  5. Supervise and coordinate the monitoring of operations of the Ministry’s IT/IM infrastructure and take appropriate actions to resolve them
  6. Coordinating the development and implementation of appropriate procedures, standards and guidelines to support the procurement, deployment and the implementation of IT/IM systems within the Ministry
  7. Coordinate and supervise the development of Ministry’s short- and long-term IT/IM plans by coordinating with other departmental heads and government agencies

Units under the Directorate

  • Telecommunications Policy, Standards & Regulations
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Policy, Standards & Regulations
  • Internet Management & Data Security Policy, Standards & Regulations