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Brief History

The project is one of the Government's initiatives to create opportunity for sustainable entrepreneurial employment for young Ghanaians as it is estimated to provide 10,000 direct and indirect jobs.
President Mahama said but for the reforms that were carried out in the telecommunication sector between 1996 and 1998, internet penetration would have remained minimal in the country.

He said Ghana now had a total of 37 million subscribers of cell phone lines although the population was about 27 million, because of the numerous reforms that allowed the private sector to invest in telecommunication.

The President, therefore, said the current hue and cry over the privatisation of the Electricity Company of Ghana was because Ghanaians did not understand the repercussions and called on all to read and understand issues and move away from skepticism.


To help position Ghana as a regional digital hub.


To provide the required environment, infrastructure and service to facilitate the growth of ICT/ITES sector and accelerate technological innovation to augment the private sector's role in providing relevant ICT solutions to various sector of the economy.